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Photo: Ray Lamont


During the “off-season” from racing (Oct thru March) the “training season” kicks off, and each Sunday afternoon, we publish a weekly training plan on an internal Slack channel.

Many of our top racers follow this general training plan. Each rider approaches is a little differently. On our internal Slack channel we discuss, ask questions, share our experiences and grow together.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Each Saturday morning during the “off season” we meet up at 9:30am for a Group Ride (rain or shine).

Our rides usually feature two distinct groups. The Rider Group and the Racer Group. We warm up together for the first 30 minutes, then break off in our relevant groups. The Riders ride at a steady “conversational pace.” While the Racers heat things up with rotating pace-lines, aggressive hill climbs, and even pre-determined race sections.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


For those that want more attention, Derek Wilkerson, our team’s Rider Director, is available for personal coaching.

With over 30 years of training and racing experience, Derek’s racing career culminated with a national title in 1999, followed by a 8 year stint racing on the domestic pro circuit.

Now a local to the Seattle racing scene, Derek helps run our team and passionately helps guide developing athletes of all levels.

To inquire about the opportunity to directly work with Derek as a coach, check out his website #getlaunched!

And click here to see Derek’s video series.