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We train as a team, offering similar training benefits to all levels of riders. Regardless of whether you’re a CLUB RIDER or a HIT SQUAD racer. Training Plans, Group Rides, and even personal one-on-one Coaching is available to everyone.


Photo: Ray Lamont


During the “off-season,” from Oct until March, we publish a weekly Training Plan, written by Chad. It’s available for free to anyone who wishes to follow along. Click HERE to check it out!

Each rider that follows Chad’s Training Plan applies it a little differently. Chad races at a high level for an amateur athlete, and his weekly plan is written to support as much. We recommend that each person find their own approach to what he does.

Chad shares his training methods, techniques, and reasoning through our public, social media platforms. But, on our club’s internal communication platform (Slack), he’s available to answer any questions, and help you get the most out of this plan.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


We meet up each Saturday morning during the “off season” at 9:30am for a Group Ride (rain or shine). All teams, all levels, are welcome. We alternate our meeting location each week between the Southern Leschi Starbucks, and the Northern Log Boom Park.

Our rides usually feature two distinct groups. The Rider Group and the Racer Group. We warm up together for the first 30 minutes, then break off into our relevant groups.

The Riders ride at a steady “conversational pace.” While the Racers heat things up with rotating pace-lines, aggressive hill climbs, and pre-determined race sections.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


For those that want more attention, Derek Wilkerson of Powered by DW, is available for personal coaching.

With over 30 years of training and racing experience, Derek’s racing career culminated with a national title in 1999, followed by an 8 year stint racing on the USA, domestic pro racing circuit.

Now a local to the Seattle area racing scene, Derek helps run our team and passionately guides developing athletes of all levels.

To inquire about the opportunity to directly work with Derek, check out and connect with him through his Powered by DW Facebook page.





OFF-SEASON 2019/2020

Photo: Tory H. of  EvrGrn Velo

Photo: Tory H. of EvrGrn Velo


By Chad C. Nichols

Welcome to the off-season!

This is a VERY IMPORTANT time of the year. It’s a time of rest, recovery, and preparation.

The following Training Plan is my personal approach. It’s always changing, refining, and become better. Just like me.

At this time, I only race on the road (though in the off-season, I like to adventure as a bike-packer). I don’t do any cross racing, no track racing, just the standard seasonal schedule of a local, amateur, road racer.

My race-season goes from mid February (in 2020, I’m planning to head for Southern California for 3 weeks of pre-season criteriums and road races) until the end of August. It holds steady with an average of 3 races a week (Tuesday nights at Pacific Raceways, Thursday nights at Seward Park, and whatever Saturday or Sunday race is happening). During this time of the year, I don’t really train. I just race and recover, hard race days followed by easy spin days, with rest whenever I need it.

My off-season is very different. It’s structure is all self-imposed. Most of it is done by myself. It follows a similar schedule to my race season, with the harder days on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

I break my off-season up into 3 distinct PHASES...

Photo: Chad C. Nichols

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


8 weeks long. Sept 1st until November 1st.

The value of this PHASE is often over-looked. Therefore, it’s perhaps one of the most valuable for giving a competitive edge, and setting those that rest up for great success in the coming race season.

It’s hard to take a rest. Most of us are afraid we’ll loose all our hard-earned fitness, get distracted by other outlets, or simply quit because we finally took out foot off the gas. But, powering through this phase is perhaps why so many up-and-coming racers burn out, move on, and never realize their greatest potential.

For me, I fill this PHASE with unstructured riding, lots of off-the-bike rest, playful activities, social engagements, and bike-packing trips.

We need to rest our bodies, but also rest our minds. The work begins soon, in earnest, and it’s important that our batteries are fully charged, and we’re ready to buckle-down and get to work.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


8 weeks long. Nov 1st until Jan 1st.

2 cycles of 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

The BASE PHASE is about building a foundation that can support all the intense interval training and eventual racing that’ll define my upcoming season.

Generally, the BASE PHASE is filled with:

A) Long, easy rides

B) Leg speed intervals

C) Weight training

D) Yoga classes

E) Core workouts

Photo: Chad C. Nichols

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


8 weeks long. Jan 1st until March 1st.

2 cycles of 3 weeks on, 1 week off.

My first race is in late February. I’m planning a 3 week trip to Southern CA for 6 crits, before coming home to the PNW for our first road races in late March. So, this INTERVAL PHASE is designed to transition my fitness from the BASE PHASE I just finished up, where I did long rides and intense weight training, into the upcoming RACE PHASE, where I’ll simply race the full, local, schedule of 3 races a week.

Generally, the INTERVAL PHASE is filled with:

A) Group Rides that are long and intense

B) On the bike sprint drills

C) On the bike climbing drills

D) Core workouts

Photo: Chad C. Nichols

Photo: Chad C. Nichols