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Our club is organized in 3 different groups. The Club Riders, the Devo Squad Racers, and the Hit Squad Racers.


Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Anyone who loves to ride can JOIN US. By joining, you gain a knowledgable and fun crew to ride and race with, as well as access to our training plans, equipment deals, and other sponsorship discounts.

Though we can always be reached through our Instagram or Facebook accounts, our inner-team communication happens on a private Slack thread. By joining the team you also join the conversation. These steady online conversations are rich with inspiration and information about training, racing, and wrenching (among infinite other topics related to bicycles).

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Though we have a solid core of category 1/2 road racers who race all around the PNW at the highest amatuer level, the greater vision of our team is to nurture and grow developing athletes. Our racing team exists as a guide for new racers dedicated to riding at their highest potential. The vibe between our riders in the developing categories (5, 4, and 3) is incredible. They’re a beautiful and talented force to either join or reckon with.

Photo: Tory of EvrGrn Photo


Details about our upcoming PRO DEVO program are still being finalized. We’re stoked to start sharing this exciting new step with the public in late August. Ride on!