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To ride with us, you don’t need to actually BE a racer. But, you do need to want to learn and practice their ways. For all genders, we offer a RIDING CLUB, a cat 5/4/3 DEVO SQUAD racing team, and a top-level, car 1/2 HIT SQUAD racing team.


Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Anyone who loves to ride can JOIN our RIDING CLUB. That said, you don’t have to join us, to ride with us. Anyone can attend our Group Rides. But those that choose to officially JOIN US gain access to our internal team conversations, training plans, equipment and clothing discounts, as well as race-day support.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Racing with our DEVO SQUAD is an inspiring experience. For both Women and Men, we support a growing community of category 5, 4, and 3 racers.

They train and race as a team. Guided by their Squad Leaders, they meet before each race and create their strategy and race-plan together.

Their goal is less to win, and more to learn the nuances and dynamics of racing as a team. The results will come. And when they do, each member of our DEVO SQUAD upgrades with the highly valued and incredibly powerful skill-set of knowing how to work within a team.

Photo: Tory of Tawny Strong


Our 2020 HIT SQUAD is a major step in the realization of a great dream. We dream of supporting a PNW based, elite-amateur team that races a full, domestic-professional schedule.

In the coming season, 6 of our area’s top Women and Men will enjoy our greatest support. They will contest all of the PNW’s main road races, as well as 2 of our area’s pro races. They will race as a cohesive unit, humbly setting a positive example.

Our goal is to become a bridge between amateur and pro racing. We hope the HIT SQUAD can inspire beginning riders of all ages to pursue their pro dreams. If someone has the courage, we have a path.