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Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Our 2019 Team Gerard - LaunchPad Cycling RACE KIT is only available for team members. Wanna rock it? JOIN US!!!

This is the outfit we wear for all races, weekday and weekend races alike.

Our 2019 RACE KIT is manufactured by Endura, is available only by pre-order, and changes each race-season to best represent that season’s sponsors.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


Our TRAIN KIT is actually not yet available (and isn’t represented in the adjoining photo). We’ll be placing our first order for it in Sept, 2019.

Similar to the RACE KIT, it’s also only available for pre-order, to current team members. It’s design will be darker, subtler, and warmer (in temperature) than our RACE KIT.

Our plan is to have it manufactured by Ascend Sportswear.

Photo: Chad C. Nichols


For the moment, our TSHIRTS & HOODIES are still just a really cool idea. Similar to the TRAIN KIT, they don’t yet exist.